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Netcell mobile messaging platform
Netcell adds a totally new dimension to provide a highly interactive webbased
messaging service that allows you to create and send personalized
messages via SMS, WAP, and MMS from one single product.

Netcell is fully scalable. Whether you have a community of hundreds or
millions, you can personalize each message, automating the process so that
communication can be fast, frequent and incredibly cost-effective.

Netcell Allow you to build your subscriber base, assign keywords, schedule
alerts, create polls, run sweepstakes, create schedule and execute seamless
mobile marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes.

Netcell allows for the production and administration of:
• Marketing campaigns
• Appointment & payment reminders
• Customer surveys
• Service announcements
• Employee communications
• Alerts
• Polls
• Trivia
• Sweepstakes
• Keyword Auto Responses
• Standard Rate Subscription Services

Mobile content management
Netcell mobile content management system is a comprehensive platform that
allows mobile operators and content providers to deliver value-added services
to mobile phone subscribers around the world.

Netcell enables dynamic marketing via Web and WAP storefronts, supporting
practically all existing mobile entertainment content types including ring tones,
wallpapers, Java games, animated screensavers and subscription content.